Recently finished tracking for a new Joseph Giant record in the Imperial Room. Been helping out my friend JP mix his latest Origami Ghost record. Summer full of Modern Relics shows. June 13 @ Loretta’s Northwesterner. 9:30pm July 23  Bellevue Live at Lunch @ Bellevue Connection.  Noon Aug 6  Burien Music in the Park @… Read More

A few records that came out since I last checked in here. Weather Side Whiskey Band “Honey Moon” Recorded at AVAST!  Great stuff! David Bavas “Lions and Lambs” An old friend who moved off to Nashville a few years back.  We colaberated on the production of his fine songs once again. Gnarlene & the Frisky… Read More

Spent the first 5 days of the month up at AVAST! with the Weatherside Whiskey Band.  Great band and the tracks are sounding amazing. Tracked Levi Fuller and the Library last month in The Imperial Room. I’ve known Levi for years and it’s great to finally get to work with him.  We’ll be finishing this… Read More

Modern Relics play the Tractor Tavern on the 26th with Aaron McDonnell and No Rey. We play early so get there by 8PM. Just got my hands on the new I Am Still Emperor EP “Burn”. Recorded and mixed at the Imperial Room. Been working on getting some sample tracks up on my studio page. … Read More