Three For T is stepping back into the Imperial Room to start work on their next EP.  I’m off to NYC for the CMJ Festival.  Three days of mixing bands live on air for KEXP.  Then it’s off to Reykjavik for more of the same from the Iceland Airwaves Festival.… Read More

A Breakthrough In Field Studies full length was released this month.  All recorded and mixed at the Imperial Room.… Read More

The new one from Origami Ghosts “It Don’t Exist” came out this month.  Recorded by JP Scesniak and mixed by me at the Imperial Room.  JP writes some great songs.  Look for the band in your town as they are off on a very long road trip across the country and back.… Read More

The EP from Kladryby Gold that I recorded at The Imperial Room is out.  Great stuff, and  the band celebrated the release by stepping back into the Room to start the next one. A full length from Davad Bavas that I mixed and added some pedal steel flavor to was also released in May. A Breakthrough… Read More

EP’s from Three for T and Kladruby Gold, and full length records from David Bavas and Origami Ghosts have all been finished up at the Imperial Room and are off to mastering. Modern Relics is a new project I am part of with old Westerly friends Josh Schramm and Bob Hyde.  It’s a country soul… Read More